HFO A2L Blends, R32 R447A, R454B, R32 150700 > 2016 Future-proof refrigerants HFO R1234yf, R1234ze 46 > 2016 A3 R290 (Propane) 3 today A1 R744 (CO 2) 1 today Table 1 Table 2 • From the above it is obvious that the most widespread refrigerant in stationary refrigeration today, R404A, will gradually disappear from the market.. Although we have seen R290 (GWP 3) being used in heat-pump applications, so far R32 (GWP 675) has been the most popular replacement for R410a (GWP 2088). Other blends include R452B (GWP 676) and R454B (GWP 467). In automotive applications R1234yf has replaced R134a, although CO2 (R744) is also being used.. "/>R454b refrigerant vs r32